Router and Software for Dynamic Units

AH RouterControl up to 900 dynamic monitors, lift systems for monitors, lift systems for tablets, and/or lift systems for gooseneck microphones at one time and obtain status reports. (More than one router may be required depending on quantity of dynamic units.)


  • Software allows control of more than one type of Dynamic unit in same installation
  • Auto Check function
  • Remote access
  • Pre check-up for meeting configuration
  • LED indication of monitors status on AH-Router during installation
  • Remote meeting preparation monitor setup
  • Remote monitor Naming
  • Automatic email response for auto test/meeting preparation
  • Activation/de-activation of control buttons
  • Auto calibration of the monitors
  • Conversion of AH-Net to IP
  • Loop through
  • Addressing
  • Termination switch for looping
  • Benefits


  • Decreased installation time and labor
  • Remote monitor check and preparation
  • Decreased maintainance time and expenses
  • No programming required
  • Minimal training of support staff
  • Eliminates the need for relay boxes
  • Cabling optimization
  • Eliminates need for additional equipment and power outlets

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