DIGIMIC Lean Architectural Series

Digimic Lean + Digimic Lean + Digimic Lean + Digimic Lean +

DIGIMIC lean+ was developed to seamlessly integrate conference technology into the overall architecture and design plan.

The individual DIGIMIC components were redesigned to provide more compact microphone stations that may be built with only the components necessary for each installation.

Individual DIGIMIC lean+ components include a socket for a gooseneck microphone, a push-to-talk microphone button, a speaker, headphone jack, channel selection buttons for listening to other languages, voting buttons, and data and power supplies. These components may be integrated into existing furniture or built into a tabletop frame.

Digimic Lean components are controlled by the DCen 32 Central Control Unit.

The optional BrahlerOS operating system and SMART conferencing software provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface to prepare and manage meetings.

Digimic Lean modular microphones, DMic Wired, DMic Wireless, CMic, multimedia units, listening stations, and/or custom flush mount microphone units may be combined within the same system.

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