DSpark Wireless Transceiver

DSpark Wireless TransceiverThe DSpark Wireless Transceiver offers basic stand-alone functionality for push-to-talk and/or voice activated wireless microphone units within the DIGIMIC system.

The DSpark unit may also be connected to the DCen Central Control Unit to provide additional functionalities, such as "request-to-speak" mode, voice activation and push-to-talk modes, name handling, robotic camera control, software interfaces, and/or to combine wireless and wired units within one DIGIMIC system.

The radio transmission is based on the unique intelligent adaptive narrow band protocol (APRON), which combines several wireless transmission security features in one single protocol for the first time ever. The DSpark ensures co-existence with Wi-Fi systems, RF/GSM resistance against mobile phones or Bluetooth emission, and secure encrypted audio transmission against interception.

The DSpark is equipped with four independent antennas (may be mounted remotely) that independently receive individual signals of each active microphone, providing high audio quality and transmission reliability, even under critical radio polluted environments.

The powerful directed transmission antenna ensures continuous control and audio downstream to each single delegate unit within the system, even over longer distances.

DSpark units allow for multi-room operation, offering the possibility of using more than one DIGIMIC system within one building in several rooms simultaneously. Due to its intelligent transmission protocol, the multi-room setup is self configuring, saving on time and labor.

  • Powers and controls up to 4000 wireless microphone units
  • Provides basic stand-alone functionality for a completely wireless system
  • May be connected to DCen for additional functionalities, such as “request-to-speak” mode, name handling, robotic camera control, software interfaces, and/or combination with DIGIMIC wired microphone units
  • Adjusts to on-site frequency usage conditions
  • Allows secure encrypted audio transmission
  • May be used as tabletop unit or mounted to tripod
  • Optional remote mounting with Panel Antenna and UHF-SMA Cable

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