PLS 500 Portable Wireless 19-Channel RF System

Please note that certain components of the PLS 500 system have been discontinued. We will continue to support customers who currently own this system by offering substitute items for products that have been discontinued.
LT700-216 transmitters and LR500-216 receivers are available as replacement units for the discontinued PT500 transmitters and PR500 receivers. Download our frequency chart at the bottom right of this page in order to properly match transmitter and receiver frequencies/channels.

PLS 500 Features:

  • LCD for display of channel selection, battery status, and menu options
  • Up to 19 selectable channels (5 available out of the box, additional 14 available depending upon frequency traffic in your location.)
  • Up to 3 transmitters on unique channels may operate within the same transmission radius
  • LT700-216 transmitters require microphone sold separately
  • LR500-216 receivers require earphone or headphone sold separately
  • Microphone mute switch on LT700-216 transmitter
  • Operating frequency of 216 MHz
  • LT700-216 and LR500-216 each operate with 2 AA batteries (alkaline or NiMH rechargeable)
  • Transmission range of LT700-216 transmitter approximately 100 ft
  • Microphones, earphones, headphones, and storage cases available
  • Charging cases and batteries available upon request

Microphone Options for LT700-216 and PT500 Transmitters:

IH500 Interpreter Headset IH502 Interpreter Headset LM500 Lapel Microphone

Earphone/Headphone Options for LR500-216 and PR500 Receivers:

DE501 Delegate Earphone DH500 Delegate Headphone

Shipping Cases:

TC515 Storage Case TC506 Storage Case

Learn more about the PLS 500 system by downloading the user manual at the bottom right of this page.

Please contact us at or 240.404.0549 to request more information and/or a quote for purchase of the PLS 500 system.

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