CSI Project managers initiate the pre-planning process with each client to develop a highly detailed scope of work outlining all requirements; including space configuration, technology platforms, equipment and integration options, languages and the type of interpreters needed and even cultural considerations and nuances.

Technical Planning

CSI’s Operations and Technical Services team work with the project managers to layout the technical plan, developing timelines and milestones and a complete logistics playbook to assure that all the moving parts of an event are coordinated in a well-orchestrated and unified manner.

Logistics and Execution

The CSI team simplifies the complex into one seamless plan that factors in all the requirements including audience considerations, sourcing the best interpreters from around the world, and providing their travel and housing arrangements for the duration of each event.

Event Production

CSI’s onsite team of project managers, technical services engineers, integrators, and interpreters treat each event as a mission critical production that requires perfection at every level from the equipment performance to the precise timing of the simulation interpretation in every language.