We Speak Your Language

One size does not fit all. When experts across industries come to CSI for meeting communications systems, conference technology, simultaneous interpretation and related services, we speak their language. 

From specialized needs and requirements to understanding different work styles, specification considerations and coordination concerns, CSI engages where experts need us to engage.  And we deliver world class results.

Our customers are event planners, producers who need to reach a multi-lingual audience through technology services for virtual and hybrid events and meetings.

Contact us and let us show you.

Solutions for Visionaries

You see the function and imagine the form. At CSI, we work closely with architects to free imagination and support the vision with revolutionary lines of audio and video equipment for stunning conference rooms, inspiring auditoriums and innovative meeting spaces. CSI works closely with architects to find elegant solutions where AV is an integral part of the design.

We understand what you need to make your designs live and your plans deliver. Contact us to find out more.

Inside Interpretations

Designers bring life and artistic vision to work and living spaces. What begins as a concept ends in creation. CSI offers many custom solutions for audio and video applications – from boardrooms and conference centers to digital suites and meeting spaces.

We have a wide array of materials, colors, and finishes available to support your vision, delight your clients and realize your dreams. Contact us to find out more.

We’ve Done It All

At CSI, we are here to hand craft interpretation and hearing accessibility solutions to your needs. With our 30+ years of experience in the industry and a database with qualified experienced interpreters, we have supported it all. International government meetings with eight languages and virtual attendees in over 40 countries, done! Convention with 10,000+ people needing language support in 12 languages, done! Hybrid events with 6 languages of captioning and ASL interpretation, done!

With the largest inventory of infrared receivers in North America, if you need to soft secure your meeting’s interpretation transmission, we have you covered. Contact us to find out more.

Our Technologies Fit Your Vision

With over 75 years of experience in the AV Industry we understand what you do and how the many pieces fit together. We offer unique conferencing solutions from basic tabletop to fiber-based network systems for buildings and campuses. Our video displays are motorized and available to be veneer matched. There are also motorized solutions for microphones and architectural flush mount displays for digital signage. Contact us to find out more.

Build Better with CSI

We go where custom meets craftsmanship. Casework and millwork for today’s conference, meeting and office designs require AV expertise to inform and engineer the foundations of video, audio and microphone needs. CSI consults with you, providing specifications, flexibility insights and system requirements to be incorporated into your finished designs. 

From motorized video display units to individually mic’ed conference tables and desks, to the furnishings that make the communications environment ideal, CSI is here to help. Contact us to find out more.

Your Needs, Our Solutions

Your international events have communication needs and we have more than three decades of finding the right solutions for your clients. From 12 languages of booths hiding backstage to a few language booths in many breakout rooms around a convention, we are your only stop for hand crafted interpretation and hearing accessibility solutions. And now with Remote Interpretation and Hybrid style events taking over a slice of the industry, we have the experience and resources you need to integrate into your event and help make it a success.  Contact us to find out more.

From Spec to Special

Choosing the optimal equipment is only one aspect of developing a fully integrated system solution.

When you work with CSI, you’re working with experts who are consultants and who understand the nature of what you need to deliver to your client. Each client is unique in reference to their vision and budgetary requirements, and each will require a custom blend of sales, service and support to achieve their goals.

CSI delivers over 70 years of experience in working with the consulting community and providing the support that is critical to success.  Contact us to find out more.

The Support You Need

Know that we are here to support you. You are the talent that makes this industry exist. For over 30 years, we have been honing our equipment offering and interpreter support team to make sure that you have the best possible environment to achieve your best. From whisper equipment for a small board meeting all the way up to a 3-person interpreter booth for huge convention hall or from just the equipment to the whole package of coordinators and technicians, we have you covered with the largest inventory and most experienced staff of any interpretation company in North America. And now with Remote Interpretation and Hybrid style events taking over a slice of the industry, we have the experience and resources you need to make your event a success. Contact us to find out more.

Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

With our extensive experience in the industry, we have helped our event partners find new and interesting ways to make their events innovative and different. With concepts such as silent theater, we have come up with solutions to help our clients overcome their adversities. Have a number of lectures that you think may be more popular than expected at your convention? We could setup remote viewing/overflow areas to best defeat those room size constraints.

Have a large group of people that need to go to many short breakouts in a short amount of time? Maybe setting up a round stage with pipe and draped pie slices and moving the presenters around instead of the audience would make it more feasible. Got six stages you want to be going on at the same time, but only one ball room? Give all the attendees our receivers and let them choose the audio channel of the stage they want to hear. Contact us to find out more.